From the outset we recognized the need to have important and valuable partners who have the trust and respect of the Independent Grocer. We worked hard to gain that same level of trust and respect with our partners knowing their reputation is on the line as well. We wanted partnerships that not only achieved our own marketing goals, but would return meaningful value to our partners and their clients as well. We are committed to building strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

We are proud to have partnered with some of the most trusted and respected companies and organizations within the retail grocery industry. Our partners bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that only a lifetime of delivering the highest quality products and services to an industry can provide. We work closely with our partners to meet and exceed that same high level of expectation and delivery of our products and services to their clients.

Our Partners

Publishing Companies

Publishing companies have long been the backbone of the grocery industry marketing strategy. With our publishing partners, we provide that bridge from traditional print to digital.

Retail Associations

State Associations provide a focal point for reaching all member retailers in the association. These associations have proven very willing to promote RSA AMERICA to their members.


FMI is another valuable focal point for marketing. Currently four influential FMI board members have signed with RSA AMERICA and are enthusiastic supporters.

PoS System Providers

RSA AMERICA works with the leading PoS Systems in the industry. We developed RSA AMERICA’S solution to be PoS independent; however, we also recognize the critical need to be compatible with all PoS System providers.

PoS Resellers

PoS Resellers represents a significant component within our overall marketing strategy. And RSA AMERICA represents a significant value-add for the PoS resellers services to their clients.

Marketing and Advertising Companies

Marketing and Advertising Companies also have long been critical to the grocery industry’s success. Again, RSA AMERICA represents a significant value-add to these companies’ offerings and they provide a valuable partnership within the Independent Grocer segment.