Marketing Services

Marketing Services

We don't stop with the best-in-class mobile solution; an intelligent and effective Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy will ensure your mobile solution delivers on every promise and the results exceed every expectation; both for you and your customers. Using predictive and behavioral analytics to drive engagement with your customers, a more relevant and in-depth customer experience will result. We focus on creating harmony across print, Web, Email, Social, and the newly introduced mobile channel.

But we realize not every Independent Grocer has a dedicated marketing department to develop and implement a complex Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy. No problem; RSA AMERICA'S team can analyze your current environment, identify needs and improvements, and develop your entire digital marketing approach, delivering a comprehensive program which you can execute yourself or have us provide as an ongoing service.

Your success is our success!

Service Highlights

Analyze Current Environment

Evaluate all current marketing channels Develop Plan to Optimize and Synchronize

Marketing Plan

Internal: In-Store Promotion, Front Line Employee Training External: All Media Channels Engaged

Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

A single view of the customer providing marketing leverage in a coordinated and strategic manner Customers are consistently engaged across all channels Customers engage anywhere in a seamless integrated experience