Data and Analytics drive success. RSA AMERICA'S mobile solution platform and services give you, the Independent Grocer, a powerful tool to maximize your customer engagement and profit opportunities. However, without intelligent targeting no tool can deliver on this promise. We recognize and embrace this premise. We include in our platform an analytics engine to hyper-target your customers to make their experience with you rewarding, meaningful, and relevant to them. Numerous studies show that a positive experience by customers has a proven effect on creating and growing customer loyalty and, even more importantly, growing customer value.

We use intelligent analytics concerning customer purchase tendencies and behavior to identify and nurture your most valuable customers. While all customers are important to your business, your highest value customers are essential, even critical for a consistently healthy bottom line.

But without identifying those high-value customers you are left with a shotgun approach to your marketing, hoping you somehow do hit those high-value customer targets. Using continuously maturing metrics and the resulting analytics, we pinpoint your aim with precision and you will hit your high-value customer targets and watch their value grow.

Your success is our success!

Analytics Highlights

Channel Analytics

Email: Current Open Rates, List Size, Frequency Social: Followers, Interaction Data, Clout Score Web: Current Web Traffic, Mobile vs. PC Circular: Distribution Size, Budget

Shopper Analytics

Shopping and Behavioral Purchasing Preferences Purchasing Quantities Purchasing Trends Price Elasticity

App Analytics

Daily, Monthly, New Sticky Factor Total Sessions Day 1 Retention